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People might not be aware of it, but their backflow prevention devices are some of the most crucial elements of their property. These preventers are important for stopping hazardous backflow from contaminating the fresh supply of water. Our techs at Glendora Plumbing are highly trained to assess any backflow prevention system. With our dependable Glendora backflow prevention and testing, we can protect homes and businesses from toxic backflow and keep properties compliant with local regulations.

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What Causes Backflow?

Most residents are familiar with the unpleasant concept of backflow. But what causes this unsightly and smelly flood of dirty water back into a normally potable supply? Perhaps if people knew what contributed to backflow in the first place, they could avoid these situations.

The reason backflow occurs is because an individual property’s pressure has somehow become higher than that of the reserve or the main line. When the water from a residence’s output is more intense than the fresh supply, it pushes backward. There is a wide range of causes for this imbalance of pressure. Sometimes, the soil might have naturally shifted. However, an extremely bad clog or using too many gallons of water at once can also lead to this imbalance. 

Devices for Fighting Backflow

Once it is clear that a house or a business is at risk of backflow, it is time to invest in effective backflow prevention devices. These innovative tools can stop water from flowing backward in several ways.

 Although there are multiple kinds of backflow prevention devices, the most common are: 

  • Non-return valves – As their name suggests, these devices work by stopping the water from returning the way that it came. Typically, these durable devices can last 80,000 cycles of opening and closing.
  • Reduced pressure backflow preventers – This kind of device is actually a combo of multiple check valves with a relief valve. The valves first monitor the pressure levels of the water. Then, if the pressure of the water coming downstream is too high, the device lowers this pressure. That way it is never greater than the pressure of the fresh supply, preventing any chance of backflow.
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Why Backflow Testing Should Be a Priority for Every Property Owner

Although the prevention devices installed by professionals are highly effective, they do not last forever. Particularly when multiple people are running water all throughout the day, the valves will undergo expiration faster. This means that commercial properties tend to require more inspections, since hundreds to thousands of people may use the pipes every day. Regardless of where the devices are installed, they should be replaced quickly as soon as they begin to wear out. Our dedicated experts at Glendora Plumbing are committed to preventing any initial symptoms of backflow. 

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