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With so much food waste being dumped into environmentally hazardous landfills, California residents are constantly looking for eco-friendly alternatives. Surprisingly, garbage disposal installations are a major solution to this problem, as they grind waste into small particles. This innovation is also good for the pipes, so call Glendora Plumbing for a fast installation.

We can help with any type of Glendora, CA garbage disposal services, so speak to us online or contact us at (626) 335-0574.

Discover the Difference

Although there are plenty of garbage disposals out there, there are plenty of reasons why InSinkErators have become so popular with customers. Unlike most disposals, these products do not use typical blades. Instead, a rotor attached to a revolving plate pushes leftovers against something called a “grind ring.” The centrifugal force is so strong that all kinds of food debris are ground down into tiny particles, so fine that they are almost in liquid form. Once the faucet is run, these remnants are washed through the disposer and down the drain to the septic tank. InSinkErators contribute to a more eco-friendly form of disposal, which is also easier on the plumbing. 

Signs That Something Is Wrong with Your Disposal

Garbage disposals are powerful devices, capable of cutting down many loads of leftovers into more manageable particles that won’t choke the drain. However, they are still prone to suffer from extensive use. Particularly if they have to grind up objects that are too large or hard, the components will fail even faster. Be alert to the signals that a disposal is on its way out, so our technicians can fix it right away.

Some of the more typical indicators of a malfunctioning disposal include:

  • Abnormal sounds, ranging from clattering to grinding, squealing to gurgling
  • Constant occurrences of clogs and slow drainage
  • Bad odors that linger long after the disposal has been used
  • The need to continually reset the appliance to help it recover
  • A refusal to turn on at intermittent points
  • Water leaking out from the disposal into the space beneath the sink
  • Sudden interruptions where the disposal shuts off on its own
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How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Whether they are thinking about getting a new model of disposal, or are determining whether to fix an older one, every resident eventually asks this question. Although experts would usually say that disposals have a lifespan of around 10 years, this greatly depends on several factors. Most importantly, have residents taken care not to put too much into the disposal? It can only handle so much at a time, and cramming it full of food will result in a diminished lifespan. The types of objects put into the system also matter. Hard bones, gristle, seeds, eggshells, peels, and even coffee grounds can be tough on the unit. 

Our techs at Glendora Plumbing would be happy to advise strategies for extending the disposal’s lifespan, as well as saving your wallet.

For dependable garbage disposal services in Glendora, CA, reach out to our experienced plumbers at (626) 335-0574.

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