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Are there suspiciously bright green spots in your typically dry, Californian lawn? Has there been an increase of insects drawn to smelly, wet patches across the lawn? If so, the issue might be the result of a sewer problem. Our dedicated technicians at Glendora Plumbing are ready to help. Trust us to provide the highest quality of Glendora, CA sewer services. From rapid repairs to efficient replacements, our talented experts can find the best solution for your needs.

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Indications That a Sewer Needs Troubleshooting

Everyone wants to avoid a burst sewer, one of the most dreaded plumbing nightmares of any property owner. But how is it possible to prevent calamity when sewers are buried so deep beneath the surface? The key is learning to recognize the more subtle indications before they evolve into a bigger hassle. Our plumbing techs have supplied a list of the most common warning signals so that residents know when to seek professional support.

Some major signs that a sewer requires rapid support include:

  • The presence of soggy or constantly damp patches in the yard
  • Foul smells floating up from the sewer and drains
  • Repeated clogs in the toilet
  • An influx of pests, including rodents, ants, flies, roaches, and mosquitoes 
  • Suddenly verdant parts of the lawn or garden
  • The sound of rushing and gurgling coming from the pipes
  • Visible signs of leaking sewage around the property
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What Causes Sewer Rupture?


Since sewers are some of the thickest, toughest pipes in the entire plumbing system, it may seem strange that they are prone to failure. Nevertheless, there are many factors that could be diminishing the sewer’s life a bit earlier than usual.

For example, key reasons why a sewer may be failing include:

  • Roots have been drawn to the water in the sewers, choking the pipeline
  • Harmful cleaners and chemical products have corroded the line in several spots
  • The soil has shifted, particularly if the line is near one of California’s many faults
  • Too many foreign objects have been dropped into the sewer
  • The pipes have become eroded from old age

Is It Time to Replace Your Sewer? 

The best-case scenario after discovering a problem in the sewer system is a quick repair and life getting back to normal. However, even the toughest sewer lines are known to erode or break over time. Typically, sewer lines have a lifespan of 50 to 70 years, but this depends greatly on the type of material used for the sewer. Additionally, any unexpected event, like the installation of electrical wiring or root intrusion, could disturb the line, cutting its life. If the sewer has already required multiple repairs, consult with our team at Glendora Plumbing. We can advise whether there is still life in the pipe or if it needs to be fully replaced.

For more information regarding our thorough Glendora, CA sewer services, reach out to our specialists at (626) 335-0574.

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